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What We Do

Beacon Pointe Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with extensive experience working with both institutions and wealthy families. Our firm was founded by a team of professionals from different areas of the industry - including investment management, institutional consulting, financial planning, and wealth management - who believe that aligning our values alongside those of our clients is essential for achieving clients' investment objectives. Beacon Pointe Advisors was founded upon the principles that by always acting in the best interests of clients, goals optimize and success is imminent. We deliberately structured ourselves in an independent manner, absent any broker-dealer, to maximize our ability to provide our clients peace of mind, with objective and unbiased oversight of their assets.

Most advisory firms will emphasize the need for a financial plan but deemphasize the execution of that plan, which is critical to a client's retirement success. At Beacon Pointe, we emphasize the importance of both the development of the financial plan and the execution of that plan.
Providing consulting to endowments, foundations, and other not-for-profit institutions is the core of Beacon Pointe Institutional Services. Since our inception, the Institutional Consulting Services (ICS) team has specifically focused on working with this segment of the marketplace.
Beacon Pointe Advisors' most distinguishing characteristic is our depth and breadth of talent and experience in our industry. This has driven us to design our unique and research-intensive methodology in an open architecture environment.

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Credit card bills, bank statements, warranties, mortgage documents, it all piles up. If you are like most people, you generally don’t get around to cleaning out your home office because there’s no deadline that forces you to get it done and you have some questions about what to keep, toss and shred. Why not get this nagging chore off your list by carving out 15 minutes a day for a week? We think you’ll feel really good about your tidy home office!

It’s March, and that means March Madness. It’s the time of year when thousands of people vie to fill out a perfect winning bracket that correctly predicts the victors of each Division I college basketball tournament game. Each team is “seeded,” or ranked, within its region. Lower-ranked teams are placed in a bracket against higher-ranked teams. A lot of thought can go into predicting which team will emerge victorious from each game. Hint: The higher-ranked team does not always win…

Over time, investors will begin to accumulate an inventory of account types – 401(k)s, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Taxable Accounts, Annuities – the list goes on. So how does one determine which account to hold their various investments in to create a tax efficient portfolio?

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